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T-Pain in Cosplay, Now that is Amusing


DragonCon is always full of surprises but one that shocked us all was T-Pain in cosplay. The “I’m Sprung” rapper did a great job cosplaying Leroy Smith, a new character that was recently introduced with the release of Tekken 7.

T-Pain’s cosplay was so spot on, that I’m wondering if Leroy Smith’s design was actually based on T-pain’s likeness.

Avengers Endgame Cosplay Costumes
T-Pain cosplaying at Leroy Smith

It is not clear if T-Pain is an undercover cosplayer or if this was a clever marketing stunt for his upcoming concert. He will be performing at the One Musicfest 2019 on Sep 7 in Atlanta, GA. 

Or maybe, it was the perfect way to kick off his birthday month. T-Pain’s birthday is on 30 September. Leave it to a Libra to sneak in at the last minute and steal the show.  

Regardless of the reason, his impromptu appearance and interesting dance moves, totally amazed us all, both cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike. 

T-Pain has set a precedent now, hopefully, more celebs will start attending Comic-Cons and just roam around the convention and cosplay with fans. Because without the fans they would not have the same level of success. 

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Another cosplayer Scorpking costuming debuted his Leroy Smith cosplay at DragonCon also. It’s too bad these two did not get a photo together. That would have been amazing. Maybe next time. 

Scorpking Costuming - cosplaying as Leroy Smith for Tekken 7
Scorpking Costuming – cosplaying as Leroy Smith for Tekken 7
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