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People Tried to Trash A Plus-Size Cosplayer … The Internet Said NO

Tranquil Ashes cosplaying as Carta from Shera #28daysofblackcosplay

Tranquil Ashes (Catra) | Photo by Seryus Foto

In November 2018, Netflix rebooted a beloved children’s cartoon that was popular in the 1980s: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.  The reviews have been pretty favorable with both critics and fans alike.

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By Mid-December, cosplayer, Tranquil Ashes decided to debut her version of Catra, a cat-like person who is one of the antagonists in the show.

In the original series, Catra was a human female but in the reboot, she is reimagined as a cat person.

Original Catra verse New Catra design

The Reactions

The majority of reactions to the cosplay were overwhelmingly positive:

But in true internet fashion, the trolls came out to bash her success and try to put her down. It was a sad show of adults bullying other adults. It’s horrible that some people have to act like crabs in a barrel and pull others down with them.

These backhanded comments are so easy to make. Has no one ever told these folks that anything you say before the word “but” becomes invalid the moment you say “but”?

It’s the equivalent to saying, With all due respect…

Ironically, its people who don’t cosplay that are the biggest complainers. They are pooping on the way a cosplayer chose to express his or her interpretation of a character.

There aren’t very many plus-sized characters to cosplay. But that is beside the point. A person should not be pigeonholed into dressing as one type of role just because doing otherwise makes random internet people uneasy.

Everything isn’t for everyone. The internet is a big place. If you don’t like the cosplay, then move along. Avert your vision. Keep scrolling. Nothing to see here.

These were actually the most tamed of the shady comments. There were some downright nasty things said which should not have even been typed. They were so bad that I don’t even feel comfortable regurgitating them.

The Internet to the rescue

As soon as the horrible commentary started, the Internet let it be known that they were not having it. True cosplay lovers put the trolls in their place… “go over there and sit in the corner, timeout”.

It’s hard to look like a character when the character is a cat-person. And if you do see a cat-person walking around, you should probably run because the Alien Invasion has begun.

Its good to see that we can stand up for each other when injustice is running amok.

Ridiculous Expectations

Let’s take it a step even farther. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than two-thirds of the population, a whopping 70.2 percent, is considered overweight. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the stats are slightly higher, stating that 72.6% of all adults over 20 years old are overweight. Therefore it is so confusing why a small percentage of people would try to shame someone in the majority.

In my opinion, the expectations are ridiculous. If you are strutting around with more than a size 4 pants, you are considered overweight. A person’s value should not be based on the number displayed on a scale.

Tranquil Ashes rises from the dust

Tranquil Ashes gave a heartfelt response to the nastiness that was dished her way.

“It’s hard being a plus-size cosplayer in a community that only glorifies thinness. People are cruel. It’s hard to continue doing this when you receive such bad reactions, but do it because you love it no matter what. You got this. I’m gonna be fine. I got this. *deep breath* ”

~ Tranquil Ashes

She really did handle the situation with class and grace. But she never should have had to face this type of shaming in the first place. It is unfortunate that the cosplay community can be so toxic and catty (no pun intended) at times. It’s upsetting when you want to just dress up and enjoy yourself. Get excited about sharing your craft. Then get smacked in the face with hateful comments.

Is it because these people know that they couldn’t have pulled it off any better. Hmm, something to think about. Insecurity is so not cute.

If you want to see more of Tranquil Ashes Cosplay check out her social media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tranquilashess/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tranquil_ashes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TranquilAshes

We should all remember

Haters are everywhere. But you have 10 times as many supporters out there to lift you up. Some amazing, inspirational, cosplayers enjoy a beautiful, moist, piece of cheesecake every now and then (in my case its wine). But so what.

(by the way, I only used ‘moist’ because I know so many of you hate that word) 😁

You can’t worry about the critics, just worry about creating.

The fact that Tranquil Ashes’ cosplay caused this much of an uproar with one costume shows that COSPLAY IS ART!

Art makes you feel emotions. Good or bad. It provokes thought and initiates debates. If you are a cosplayer, you are an artist. If you enjoy cosplay, you get an “A” in art appreciation.

I raise my glass to all you cosplayers big and small … KEEP CREATING!

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    • HB, I completely agree. Her version of Catra was also the first cosplay that I saw of the character and she did a great job. Under all of that she is a fantastic person.

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