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#Motu2020Crew: The Power of a Cosplay Group


Lately, in the past couple of weeks, a random hashtag has started to take over social media and flood your timelines, #motu2020crew. What started as one cosplayer’s love for Masters of the Universe (MOTU) has turned into one of the most coordinated cosplay groups in the history of cosplay.

In September 2018, Hellspawned Cosplay attended Baltimore Comic-Con as He-Man, but this was not just a normal He-Man. It was He-man with an afro, something we had never seen before. This new twist on a classic character gained a massive amount of interest across the entire nerd community. Hellspawned’s interpretation still paid homage to the original He-Man design but jazzed it up a little bit – with a lot of hair spray.   

Avengers Endgame Cosplay Costumes

Nine months after this He-Man’s initial debut, he enlisted four of his friends to form a He-Man and She-Ra inspired cosplay group for BlerdCon 2019. The photos and videos that came from that small gathering sparked a fire on the internet.

The MOTU video made by Legend of Micah was viewed over 450,000 times on Facebook alone.

He-Man = Hellspawned Cosplay
Skeletor = The Smoke
She-Ra = Lynne Marie
Man-At-Arms = Sutton Richard
Orko = Scorpking Costuming

The success of this small group prompted two mortal enemies, He-Man (Hellspawned) and Skeletor (The Smoke), to work together and create something even bigger and better. The two decided to put together a massive group of cosplayers to represent the entire Masters of the Universe genre.

All are welcome to the #Motu2020Crew!

More than 65 cosplayers have joined the squad and committed to cosplaying a MOTU character. I know.. I know, 65 people in one group sounds like a lot, but that’s just the beginning. The crew is getting larger every day. Currently, there are still about 25-30 characters which have not been assigned to a cosplayer yet.

The group will debut their cosplay on April 4, 2020 at the Great Philly Comic-Con. That is only 7 months away! There is still time to get in on the MOTU 2020 Crew action.

If you are interested in being one of He-Man’s Heroes: Contact Hellspawned @hellspawned_cosplay

hellspawned cosplay motu2020crew

Or maybe you want to be one of Skeletor’s Scoundrels: Contact The Smoke @thesmoke007

The Smoke cosplay motu2020crew
The Smoke

The Power

It’s been exactly a year since Hellspawned debuted his version of He-Man. What started as a fun dress-up, has turned into a movement. The Afro He-Man cosplay has brought people together who may have never met in real life. Then again, that is what cosplay is all about – making friends and creating a community.

Well played He-Man, you truly do have – The Power.

Check out their social media and follow the hashtag #motu2020crew to keep up-to-date on the happenings.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/motu2020crew
Instagram: www.instagram.com/motu2020crew
Twitter: www.twitter.com/motu2020crew

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Here is a sample list of cosplayers who have already committed to the project. A full list of characters and cosplayers is coming soon.

The Heroes

She-Ra motu2020crew
Amblushious motu2020crew
Candy Doom
Candy Doom Cosplay
Sea Hawk
SeaHawk motu2020crew
SeaHawk motu2020crew cosplayers
Mermista - motu2020crew
VioletteVerse as Mermista - motu2020crew

The Villains

Hordak motu2020crew
Joe Colton
Hordak cosplayed by Joe Colton motu2020crew
Evillyn motu2020crew
Lady J
Evillyn motu2020crew - LadyJ
Merman motu2020crew
Tim Tanco
Merman motu202crew Tim Tanco
Entrapta motu202crew
Adonia GameGoddess
Entrapta motu202crew_Adonia GameGoddess

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