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See How One Background Cosplayer Unwittingly Became the Star of the Show

Hellspawned cosplay and pixel dan

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con had lots of fun and surprises but none more interesting than the background cosplayer who unwittingly became the star of the show. 

So here is what happened

PixelDan, a YouTuber who is known for his action figure reviews, was interviewing the Mattel brand managers about the new line of action figures from the Masters of the Universe (MOTU). This is also known as the He-man/She-ra Universe for you readers who are not on geek level 9000.

Avengers Endgame Cosplay Costumes

The on-camera chat was going pretty well, pretty standard, until about 3:40 mins into the discussion. A random guy stepped into the shot and remained in frame for the duration of the 10-minute video.

This con-goer’s presence in the video was so domineering that he ended up overshadowing the host and the intended guests. That random guy is a cosplayer named Demetrius Holt, who’s cosplay name is Hellspawned Cosplay.

Some viewers seemed to really enjoyed the photobomb

Matty Burns wrote, “A lot of the comments didn’t like the “lurking guy”, he made the video for me!”

MatticusPrime1 wrote, “Shout out to the guy creeping the background”

Patricio Oliver wrote, “I came for the toys and stayed for the guy in the back hahaha!”

However, not everyone was pleased with the unannounced appearance

Jackie Priest wrote, “What’s with the guy trying to steal Dan’s interview lol it’s kinda creepy.”

Vikings426 wrote, “Random black guy in the background halfway through the video very inconspicuous…”

ToyCollector102 wrote, “Who the heck was the guy in the background?!!!!! He stayed in the video the whole time. I wanted Dan to say, Dude we’re recording, get out of here. He annoyed and pissed me off the whole time.”

The majority of viewers chose to see the comedy this situation created

Leper King wrote, “That lurking guy must be a spy for Super 7. LOL!”

Walter Harris wrote, “Brother in the background lurkin’ like he a extra tryna get that principle money!”

Scott wrote, “When you hear* about the brotha that slides in to your girlfriend’s DM’s, there he is.”

The best comment of all

The best comment came from DoomchildXXL, who wrote, “Some not so subtle spy action from Michael Jai White there.”

I have seen photos of Demetrius many times but I have never compared him to Michael Jai White. However now – now I can’t unsee this!

Hellspawned Cosplay vs Michael Jai White

Here is the full video of the epic lurk

Whether viewers liked him or hated him, one thing is for sure, Hellspawned Cosplay ended up stealing the spotlight and being the headliner.

Here is the full video, the fun starts at the 3:40 mark.

The Mission

One YouTube user wrote: “Yeah, dude i(s) KUREEPY az fugg. Either speak up and get involved of kick rocks lol”

Well, Hellspawned Cosplay is getting involved. He has been a lifelong fan of He-man, ever since he was a child who would rush home after school to watch the show. Now as an adult, Demetrius is on a mission to bring the beloved characters of Eternia and Etheria to life.

He has been cosplaying as He-man for over a year. In the cosplay community, he is affectionately known as He-Bro.

Two weeks before the infamous Pixel Dan video surfaced, and before achieving his new moniker as the ‘Lurking Guy’, Hellspawned Cosplay and a group of friends did a He-man inspired cosplay video. Check it out below.

Demetrius’s awesome cosplay skills and fanaticism are so impressive that he was asked to be a sponsored cosplay guest at Power-Con, the official He-man and She-ra inspired toy convention. The convention will be held August 17-18, 2019 in Anaheim, California.

Demetrius is always on a continuous pursuit to push for more reputation of black cosplayers and people of color in the cosplay community and mainstream media. His determination has served as an inspiration to many. So much that independent artists all around the world have started inking his likeness in digital art to show their appreciation.

The Struggle for Greyskull

In addition to all of the above, Hellspawned Cosplay is one of the co-organizers of an upcoming cosplay performance with a current roster of over 50 cosplayers. Participating members will perform as various characters from the entire Masters of the Universe line.

Hellspawned Cosplay will lead his band of do-gooders and the Rebellion forces against Skeletor, cosplayed by The Smoke, and his horde of evil henchmen.

The factions will clash for bragging rights and the honor of being crowned the true protectors of Castle Greyskull.

The group will debut their epic collaboration in April 2020 at The Great Philly Comic-con (GPCC) in Philadelphia, PA. Start making plans now to attend GPCC, you don’t want to miss this!

To my knowledge, a coordinated cosplay coalition of this size has never been attempted before. I know I will be there – I’m cosplaying Castaspella.

Follow the hashtag #Motu2020Crew

One Last Thing

I spoke with Demetrius about his show-stopping appearance in Pixel Dan’s video. According to him, he didn’t realize he was in the entire video and it wasn’t his intention to steal the show. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it was an unintentional mishap or a diabolical and ingenious marketing ploy, it all worked in his favor.

Furthermore, his presence served as an example of how cosplay and nerd culture continues to connect the world and positively impact us all.

Be sure to follow Hellspawned Cosplay on Facebook and @Hellspawn_Cosplay on Instagram.

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