Jan 4, 2019

Hello Cosplayers ! – (and aspiring cosplayers)

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Coconut Jacobs (Morrigan Aensland- Darkstakers) | Photo by Darque Room images

Oh hello there. I’m so happy that you took a bit of your day to stop by Urban Cosplayers. I am your online host. My name is Coconut Jacobs, But you can call me CJ, my friends do.

I started this website because we all know that minority creatives are underrepresented in the cosplay community. We face harassment from others within the community, lack of support from each other, and cultural issues from all around. Many times we are even misunderstood by our own families.

I enjoy seeing diversity in cosplay but we are all spread out over the web. There is no single place where we can come together and celebrate each other’s craft. I saw an opportunity to fill a void and to be a linchpin of trust. To build a community where Black, Hispanic, Indian… minority … cosplayers can come together in our own little place in cyberspace and create something glorious.

I strive to make this an online place to network, get to know each other, and become an extended family.

#cosfamily ?

Yep, I’m making that a new thing, you heard it here first people!

I am going to showcase unrecognized talent, discuss some issues plaguing our community, and rejoice in the friendships we build.

I am just getting set up. hope you stick around to have some fun.

Be sure to join the social media pages for engaging news that didn’t make it on the website.

I love you all already and I don’t even know most of you … yet. But I have a feeling we will become fast friends. I sincerely hope so. 😍


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Writer, Cosplayer, Wine Lover. Founder and Editor-in-chief for Urban Cosplayers, a website dedicated to spreading the representation of People of Color in the  cosplay culture.

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